GC Baramist in cooperation with Ural Federal University acted as an organizer of the conference
       On October 5-7, 2011 in Yekaterinburg was held the research and application conference «Effect of advanced lining, thermal insulation materials and innovative methods of their application on the efficiency of electric and thermal power generation» initiated by GC Baramist. The conference was attended by 50 executives and leading specialists from 23 major thermal wholesale generating companies and electric power plants from across Russia. Among them were OJSC Enel OGK-5, OJSC OGK-1, OJSC ОGK-2, OJSC INTER RAO UES, UK Kvarz, OJSC Fortum, MK CETI, Troitskaya GRES and many others. The report on «Thermal insulation materials for lining of heat units in power generation» was delivered by I.D. Kashheyev, D. Sc. in engineering, Professor, Head of the department of chemical engineering of ceramics and refractories at the Ural Federal University. It was pointed out that the main condition of introduction and application of advanced thermal insulation and lining materials is commitment and efforts towards innovation of specialists of power generating companies. Work of specialists of Reftinskaya GRES was mentioned as a positive example. Based on their assignment were developed cardboard KVK-200 and asbestos-free plaster SOVT-600, currently used at OKG-5 plants as well as multilayer lining boards for NRCh areas and segments for lining of the convection shafts beams. By all accounts, the meeting was useful interesting and allowed to discuss pressing issues of application of advanced insulation and lining materials. In the end participants of the conference took decision on viability of use of efficient materials, rational methods of installation and operation of lining of heat units.
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