Protective high temperature coating ZVP

Protective high temperature coating ZVP as per TU 1526-002-13706960-2004

Protective high temperature coatingis designed for applicationto the surface of material, particularly, mullite-silica fiber being used under high temperature, to increase the material service temperature, abrasion resistance as well as reduction of absorption resulting from interaction with molten metals. Refractory coating is able to withstand temperatures up to 17000С. It is a mix of fine-grained mineral components, partially solved in water. Protective high temperature coatingexhibits good adhesion to the metal, glass and all types of refractory materials and products.



Refractoriness, 0С


Content of Al2O3, on the fired substance, %, min.


Moisture content, % max.


Use temperature range, 0С
(while applied to the surface)

From -5 to +50

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