Regional Trade & Industrial Company Ltd. (RTIC) signed License, Distributorship and Agency Agreements with Unifrax Corporation (USA), a leading producer of high temperature insulation products.

Founded over 60 years ago, UNIFRAX Corporation is a world leader in research, development, production and application of high temperature ceramic fiber insulation products that meet the most stringent European and US environmental and quality requirements.

At present UNIFRAX products manufactured according to the state-of-the-art proprietary technologies of high temperature insulation became available for users in Russia and CIS countries.

Fiberfrax®, Isofrax® and Insulfrax® products, foam high temperature insulation Foamfrax®, manufactured according to UNIFRAX technologies, provide innovative high temperature solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous, power generation, petrochemical, ceramic, glass, automotive, aerospace and other industries as well as fire protection.

Exhibiting low thermal conductivity & heat storage and other superior insulating performance, UNIFRAX products provide more efficient thermal insulation compared to hard refractories. Easy and fast lining application and installation of other products under UNIFRAX technologies provide increased productivity, reduced maintenance resulting in cut of overall production costs.

In addition, use of UNIFRAX products provides significant energy saving (25-45%), ensuring high competitive advantage of these products in conditions of continued rise in energy costs.  

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